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Gerry Larson Associates Ltd. was incorporated May 1980 and operated for 4 years prior as a non-incorporated entity. We import Scandinavian items, mainly Giftware and custom items that can be used for family reunions, special events, awards, and other functions. The function maybe a family reunion and you want the Norwegian Flag on one side of the item (coffee mug? balloon?) and "Johannes Larsen Jonstad Reunion" on the other side? This is what we consider a Custom Order which should be ordered in some cases approximately 10 to 12 week in advance. Food items such as Gjetost Cheese or Abba smoked codroe caviar are easily shipped within Canada. Orders shipped outside Canada require special attention, please contact us for more information. Our division, "For Vikings Only and those who like to pretend" is here to serve and assist you.

Gerry Larson
Gerry Larson is an avid explorer of his Norwegain heritage and contibuted much information to their family tree; Gerry's great grandfather Johannes Larsen Jonstad arrived in Quebec City on the sailing vessal "Norden" on June 19, 1867 at the age of 23. He was born in Bergenstift Norway which was the old place name for Sogn og Fjordane. The ship records say he was from Sondfjord, born Forde on June 24, 1843, and Baptised on June 25, 1843. His father was Lars Nilsen Jonstad, and his mother was Marli Larsdatter.

Gerry's Great Grandfather, Johannes Larsen Jonstad crossed the Praires and settled in North Dakota where he changed his name, as many did at that time, to John Larsen. The county clerk in ND made a spelling error on the name change form thus we descendants are Larsons now rather than Larsens.

It is interesting to note that North and South Dakota did not join the USA until 1890.

John married Synneve Olsdatter Stedje, also from Sogn og Fjordane, and they had 6 children. She passed away and he married Margaret Gundval Gunderson who was born in Sogone, Norway on December 25, 1865. They too had 6 children and Gerry Larson is from this second linage.
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