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Viking Ship
Viking Ship

Arne Haugrud, started his company in 1940; consequently the company celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1990. The company began producing gift items in pewter and silverplate after the war when these materials became available. Today the company has grown to employ 28 persons.

The tools used in production are made internally by our own tool maker. New products are also designed internally or by external designers on special request. For instance, our "1704" series was designed by Stein Nilsen, Oslo and is inspired by pewter existing from the 1700s.

Haugrud's pewter products consist of 93% pewter and 7% antimon. The antimon is added to make the pewter stronger. Cast pewter is the hardest quality one can have. It does not contain any damaging additives and can safely be used for food and drink.

Washed in mild soapy water with a soft cloth is usually enough to keep pewter presentable. Dishwashers may also be used for pewter but no corroding dishwashing soap.

Arne Haugrud's production process combines traditional handwork with modern mechanical finishing techniques. These traditional pewter designs and silver giftware products, including unique Viking ship miniatures, are available through our website by clicking on the links to the left.
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