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Viking Ship
Viking Ship

Supplier of excellent design since 1896

The Magnor Glassverk is built on tradition.

The glassworks was founded as early as 1896 in the deep forests near the Swedish border, in the last densely populated area on the Norwegian side, just three kilometres from the border and 120 kilometres from Oslo. The large forests have always been here, supplying fuel for the heat-devouring melting furnaces. The fire has never gone out.

Masters, glass blowers and artists all follow professions which tend to run in families, from father to son, from adult to youth. Magnor Glassverk is no exception - the glass has set its mark on an entire district over the generations. Our history has been shaped by skilled glass workers. Together, they form a firm foundation as the creators and forerunners of our current unique production.

More than a century of tradition in hand-made glass and crystal has given us valuable knowledge and experience.

Almost 120 people work for the Magnor Glassverk group, which also includes the Swedish Johansfors Glasbruk. The group's owners have always been firmly committed to it, and this provides excellent conditions for a strong enterprise.

Over the years, more that thirty glassworks have been established in Norway, and almost as many again have been closed down. The conditions for running a glassworks have changed over time — will, commitment and the many years of experience of its owners, staff and the local community have carried Magnor Glassverk through difficult times.

At Magnor Glassverk we blow glass today just the way it was done more than a century ago!

See a selection below of some of the original and inspiring designs that are available only through Magnor and watch this site for upcoming additions of distinguished Magnor glass.

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