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Viking Ship
Viking Ship
Magnor is a city in the midpoint of Scandinavia. This, however, was not of utmost importance when the glassworks were founded. It was the deep, dark, sighing forests of this area that provided firewood for the heatcraving ovens.

Magnor has produced glass for nearly 100 years. Generaltions of craftsmen have formed the history of the company and what's more - given design to today's unique production. Magnor Glassworks have master craftsmen, artisans with a sense for the ideal. They represent some of the best in the Norwegian handicraft trade. Today, while incorporating modern computer technology and energy saving devices, the tools are much the same as when we began in the latter part of the 1800's. Here you will see glassblowers using ageless implements magically giving colour, form, and structure from a liquid glass substance.

Krystallblokker Glass Arches

Design: Hans S.
Sculptural blocks in various patterns and shapes.
Heavy ice gates with decorative contours.
Comes in six sizes and styles.

Jan Mayen klar Jan Mayen klar
ID: 114-810
Price: 120.00 CAD Larger Image
Size: 140 x 90
Jan Mayen klar Jan Mayen klar
ID: 114-811
Price: 92.00 CAD Larger Image
Size: 135 x 115 mm
Jan Mayen klar Jan Mayen klar
ID: 114-812
Price: 125.00 CAD Larger Image
Size: 140 x 140 mm
Svartisen klar Svartisen klar
ID: 113-810

Designed by Hans S.

Price: 130.00 CAD Larger Image
Size: 180 x 80 mm
Svartisen Klar Svartisen Klar
ID: 113-811
Price: 140.00 CAD Larger Image
Size: 220 x 90
Svartisen klar Svartisen klar
ID: 113-812
Price: 150.00 CAD Larger Image
Size: 225 x 115
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