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Viking Ship
Viking Ship

Hunter Glass Sculptures

Hunter sculptures are archetypes from European mythology. They rest on ancient foundations, displaying a kinship with pre-historic, Old Norse and Celtic forms of artistic expression.
Hunter represents both action and contemplation. The left eye is focused on the kill, while the right eye is concealed. A tree trunk and branches form the hunter’s facial features, revealing his true self. The magic of Pan, god of the forest, rises from an obelisk, inspired by ancient Egypt and created by the British sculptor Ewan Allinson in a unique collaboration with Magnor Glassverk.
Electrical Stand for sculpture Electrical Stand for sculpture
ID: 000-300
Price: 85.00 CAD Larger Image
Size: 135 mm Color: Black
Sculpture with white wooden stand Sculpture with white wooden stand
ID: 020-023
Price: 204.00 CAD Larger Image
Size: 410 mm Color:
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