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Viking Ship
Viking Ship
Here are some links to some interesting Viking sites.
  • Jorvik the Viking City
      Every year during the February half-term, the Vikings invade York for the annual Jorvik Viking Festival.
    Discover what life was really like over 1000 years ago, meet our Viking residents, see over 800 items uncovered here, and journey through a reconstruction of actual Viking-Age streets.
  • Viking Heritage Magazine
      Viking Heritage Magazine will keep you updated about what is happening in the Viking world, both 1000 years ago and today! It is the ultimate forum for all interested in Vikings and the Viking Age!
  • Viking Navy
      The Viking Navy designs, builds and sails Viking Ships. Formed in 1995 for people that would like to do a little Viking.
  • The Viking Network
      What is myth. What is fact. Did the Vikings have horns on their helmets? Why not? What do we know about the Vikings? What have they left behind? The Viking Network Web tries to answer these and other questions.
  • The World of the Vikings
      The World of the Vikings, viking resources on the internet.
  • Vinland the Good
      About 1000 years ago a bold Norse explorer reached North America. He was not the first Norseman to do so, but we remember his achievement today because his was the first recorded effort to explore part of the New World. His incredible journey took him to three distinct places. The southernmost of these, he named Vinland the Good because of its mild climate and abundant natural resources
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